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Burglary rates in Massachusetts have been steadily declining over the past 10 years. For years, businesses have recognized the importance of having an alarm system to protect their business from fire and theft. 

Now, home owners are also recognizing the value of these systems to protect their family and personal property from fire and theft. This recognition has lead to an increase of home alarm systems and has helped to lower the burglary rate in Massachusetts.

PitBull Security offers personalized installation and protection. We believe a customer should purchase a system that is designed for their specific needs. Before we estimate a system for your house or business, we sit down and review your requirements and your physical location, and then develop an alarm system to meet these needs while paying close attention to your total cost. 

Once the system is installed and running, Pitbull Security offers local monitoring. Most of the larger alarm companies offer monitoring, but they monitor your alarm from a central location. Most of the time, these central locations are not in Massachusetts. Our monitoring facility is located here in Massachusetts, providing you with more personalized monitoring. 

Call Pitbull Security @ 1-508-245-5850 for a free alarm system analysis and estimate.